Exterior Finishes

Windows, Doors & Siding.

Exterior finishes can range in style, look and functionality. Whether you are planning on new siding, windows, deck, and concrete or new landscaping your yard; Nowicki Contracting Inc. can design/build a look that can fit both budget and desired look. With a wide range of products almost anything can be accomplished. Siding- Siding can range from vinyl, fiber cement, stucco finishes, to brick and stone or a combination of 1 or more. Accenting your house with vinyl shakes, or other products doesn’t have to be a costly project. There are many products on the market that can help. Columns can help accent your front, porch, awning or overhang.

WINDOWS: Windows can range from design of the windows, functionality to price of the windows. We offer several lines of windows that allow our customers to decide what will best fit there project.

Nowicki Contracting Inc. can install 1 replacement window or all of your windows and doors.

DECKS: A deck doesn’t have to be a square box placed on the back or front of a house. Nowicki Contracting Inc. takes the time to know what you will be using your deck for. Whether your house overlooks a lake, wooded lot or City view, it is just as important that it not only looks good, but also will be functional to meet the needs of you and your family.

Concrete, and pavers- Many projects can be brightened up with colored concrete, stamped concrete, or pavers. If you are looking to add a little taste to old grey concrete consider something different that will be enjoyed for years to come.

SIDING: Fine siding comes in many forms. TEXTURE, DURABILITY and COST drive your choices. Please visit www.sidingworld.com to view these companies fulfilling Nowicki’s expectations of cost, quality and availability.

Get Inspired! Learn about architectural home styles and potential design ideas. www.exteriorportfolio.com