Heating & Cooling

A healthier home means a healthier you.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – Are an integral part of how your home breathes. A healthier home means a “Healthier You.” There are many products on the market that will heat and cool your house. Nowicki Contracting Inc. carefully reviews your design, and or layout of your existing home, and may make recommendations based upon certain circumstances. Such as allergies or asthma. A few of the recommended products are on-demand hot water heaters, air source heat pumps, or Geo Thermal Heating and Air Conditioning.

Central Vacuum’s allow for a cleaner healthier home. Pet’s, allergies no problem. Nowicki Contracting Inc. takes the time to know what, if any, concerns that you have for the members of your family.

Hard surface flooring throughout a home are recommended if one or more of the family members have allergies. A well designed Central Vacuum system can help cut down on the time required to vacuum your home, lake house or summer home.


Heating and cooling efficiency.

Geothermal Systems are one of the most energy efficient, maintenance free, and environmentally friendly systems available today.

Homeowners are discovering that geothermal heat pumps are an affordable alternative in lowering the high costs of heating and cooling their homes. Heat Pumps are affordable and efficient.

Let us provide your project with a complete energy analysis. We will first look at your home and perform a heat loss/heat gain analysis determining the proper size of equipment needed to heat and cool your building. With this information, we then can perform an energy analysis and compare the different heating and cooling systems projected monthly operating cost, annual cooperating cost, and return on investment. This vital information can help you make an informed decision on which system is best for you. With energy costs skyrocketing, the Geo-Thermal Systems are the choice for future savings and capping those annoying heating and cooling bills.

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